Introduction of (Sharia) Theology and Islamic Studies Faculty


History of Faculty:

Sharia Faculty is a basic scientific and educational unit to train professional board in juridical, law and Islamic higher education up to the bachelor degrees and it is stablished on 1993.

This faculty has got two fields; Fiqh and principles of Fiqh (Jurisprudence and principles of jurisprudence) & Islamic Educations and it has also four departments;

  1. Fiqh and Principles of Fiqh Department
  2. Holy Quran Interpretation Department
  3. Holy Hadith Interpretation Department
  4. Islamic Education Department

Gained objectives:

  1. Provision of professional board for Judgement and Prosecution
  2. Provision of scientific and professional board for Islamic Studiesand Law
  3. Provision of Trainings for Religious Preachers
  4. Provision of understanding Islamic Values for the nations
  5. Distribution of Islamic Culture via graduates
  6. Provision of professional experts in Islam-ology
  7. Provision of theories for Islamic economic and banking
  8. Provision of scientific services for the Islamic history and civilizations
  9. Provision of training for education sector
  10. Provision of Jurisprudence, Law and Scientific researches in the different issues.

Constructional and Equipment

Islamic StudiesFaculty of Herat University has got its own buildings with four equipped floors including but not limited to classes, chairs, library, internet center and other requirements.