Directorate of Quality Assurance


Ministry of Higher Education approved to have the Quality Assurance Directorate on Aug 2011 under the sight of Herat University to evaluate Herat University and facilitate outer evaluation of Herat University for the provision of a nation-wide quality university. There is an employee for this position whose name is Nezameddin Maliki as the third ranked employee position.


Next to the directorate of Quality Assurance there is the main committee of Quality Assurance of Herat University with presidency of Prof. Najibullah Fariwar, 16 main members, scientific chief of faculty, academic research officer, PAL program officer and two honorable members (chief of student’s affairs and chief of administrative officer) and there are following high ranked instructors of Herat University:


  1. Associate Professor. Dr. Hassan Farid; Scientific Chief of Faculty
  2. Associate Professor. Khalil Ahmad Azar; Academic Research Officer
  3. Professor. Najibullah Fariwar; from Teacher Training Faculty
  4. Associate Professor Abdullah Zalal; from Teacher Training Faculty
  5. Assistant Professor Abdul Latif Fayeq; from Sharia Faculty
  6. Assistant Professor Qahera Rasooli; Chief of Student’s Affairs
  7. Mohammad Nazir Sakandari; Financial and Administrative Vice-President
  8. Teaching Assistant Vida Salar; from Public Administrative Faculty
  9. Teaching Assistant Abdul Qadir Sarwari; from Art Faculty
  10. Teaching Assistant Anar Gul Mansoory; from Law Faculty
  11. Teaching Assistant Mr. Alizada; from Journalism Faculty
  12. Teaching Assistant Abdul Zaher Matin; from veterinary Faculty
  13. Teaching Assistant Ghulam Faroq Hussaini; Medicine Faculty Instructor
  14. Teaching Assistant Abdul Wahid Wahabzada Economy Faculty Instructor
  15. Teaching Assistant Khalid Ahmad Siddiq; Literature Faculty Instructor
  16. Senior Teaching Assistant Ali Ahmad Kava; Social Science Faculty Instructor
  17. Senior Teaching Assistant Shahnaz Rahmani; Science Faculty Instructor
  18. Teaching Assistant Mahboob Shah Sultani; from Agriculture Faculty
  19. Teaching Assistant Mohammad Noor Shaida; from Engineering Faculty
  20. Teaching Assistant Latifa Azizi; from Computer Science Faculty

Meetings are held monthly (and in case of need weekly). There are 14 sub-committees for Quality Assurance in faculties with three members in each committee who does the faculty’s evaluations. Faculties’ Quality Assurance committees evaluate and study all their reports according to 12 nation-wide norms, then present it to the scientific council of Herat University. Then university Quality Assurance directorates unify reports and evaluations and certify them to send for Ministry of Higher Education.




Herat University Quality Assurance have the following factors; administrative and its competencies, scientific members board, scientific programs, libraries and other informative resources, physical and technological resources, financial resources, strategic evaluations and planning, quality development and promotion, social affairs participations, development, honesty, competency, transparency, and other evaluative factors for the Herat University.