Herat University ELCLC English Language and Computer Certificate Distribution Ceremony

28 May, 2017

HU ELCLC hold a ceremony to distribute the certificates of 182 students who graduated from different English courses of ELCLC, in which the Earth Day event was celebrated as well.

The Ceremony On the graduation of the English students and the Earth Day event were celebrated.

The ceremony started with the recitation of some verses of Holy Quran and after that Mr. Najibullah Habibi said welcome to the participants of the ceremony and presented a presentation titled (The ELCLC Course Orientation). This presentation’s contents were as follows:

* Who are we?

* Who are we at Herat University?

* What do we do?

* Where do we work?

* Our Courses

* Our English Club

* Our Requirements

After that Dr. Abdullah Faiz, the chancellor of Herat University spoke on the topics of:

 How to protect the earth planet and keep our environment clean

The importance English language learning in today’s academic life

The strategic plan of Herat University about the English language o The capacity building of Herat University staff, lecturers, and students o Creating an English journal Then he distributed the certificates of lecturers and university staff who graduated from English courses.

Next, a poem of Sohrab Sepehri about “nature” was recited by Shoaib safir an English student of ELCLC, after that Parwin Naqshabndi a student of ELCLC spoke about her experience in this center, and Parwiz Mosammem another student spoke about the role of youth generation in saving the planet earth and keeping the environment clean.

Then two members of our English club- drama section, played out a drama on the topic of Earth’s movements, global warming, and crush of different protons. 


In the end, first prizes were awarded to students who wrote the six best essays in Black History Month, International Women’s Day, and Earth Day events; and the certificates were distributed to students who graduated from the below mentioned English courses of ELCLC:

One TOEFL course for the lecturers 

One TOEFL course for students

One Academic Writing II course

One Academic Writing I course

One Business Writing course

One Interchange 3 course

One Interchange 2 course for lecturers and university staff

One Interchange 2 course for students

Two Interchange 1 courses

After the ceremony, participants were invited to participate in University campus cleaning and watering the plants that were planted by ELCLC in the winter.