History of Faculty

Treatment medicine faculty is an educational entity in which works to promote rule of law culture and educate professional board (surgery doctors). This faculty established on 1990 with the help of some instructors as honorable instructors, provincial governor and dean of Herat University and they registered 25 male and female students.

Operational Objectives

  1. Providing experience and profession for students in stage theoretical and practical courses of hospitals.
  2. Educating academic board in different treatment fields.
  3. Providing professional seminars to make a better communication between social practical and theoretical affairs for developing instructors and students’ knowledge on health care services and professional research methods as well.
  4. Developing academic capacity buildings for faculties via long and short term exchange programs and training seminars like teaching methodology.
  5. Implementing predicted curriculums according to the national and international factors.

Types of Implemented Acts

  1. Implementing lesson plans regularly
  2. Providing scientific educational programs for diagnose and treatment illnesses
  3. Scientific medicine seminars and conferences
  4. Providing instructors’ capacity building programs
  5. Providing student’s so called capacity building programs
  6. Providing extensive language and computer courses
  7. Writing articles and scientific tasks via instructors


Building and Facilities

This faculty still does not possess a specific building for teaching and since 1992 to 2008 provided courses in governmental buildings related to public health directorate, next teacher training centers and then in military commissioner buildings and recently it is held in Herat University complex.

This faculty is equipped with equipped classes, chairs, projectors, podiums, closets and other required facilities and it also has equipped library with chairs and tables with more than eight thousands of books in different fields.

Academic and Scientific Section

Academic and Scientific tasks for this faculty is on the publishing scientific and researches articles for treatment medicine in which there are 75 published researches

Developing Curriculums in Faculty

  • Participation in symposiums in which make national standard curriculums for medicine faculty
  • Provision of books for each new and recent units considering new topics
  • Provision of committee in faculty framework to update curriculums based on requirements