Introduction to Faculty of Law and Political Science

Faculty of law and political science as an academic—special foundation has been established with a groups of volunteer teachers, the supporting of the governor and Herat University in 1381(2002) with the capacity of hundred students of both male &female in intention to promote the culture of law enforcement, educating professional staffs, lawyers, judges, politicians, attorneys and governmental offices personnel. To accomplish this faculty, a four-year (eight semesters) period is required one to be deserved of the bachelor degree. It was a requirement from 1381-1393 for students to study two years general law. Then by entering to their third year, they had had the rights of choosing their fields of studying. But it had not lasted too much. From 1394 with the cooperation of higher education ministry, students have the rights to choose their field of studying in Kankor test. The available fields in this faculty are (Diplomacy, and General Law and Prosecution).

Administrative affairs of this faculty are running by chairmanship, assistantship, and students’ affairs office, different departments, library and legal clinic. Currently, this faculty consists of departments of public laws, international relation, private laws & punishment laws. The numbers of students presently are six hundred twenty seven. Of these number one hundred thirty five female and four hundred ninety two male are taught under direct teaching of twenty seven teachers (nine female & eighteen male).

Mission of Law & Political Science Faculty

Providing the situations of standardized, legal and political knowledge for those who are qualified academically. Providing the opportunities of practical academic capacity for post-graduation of this faculty. Providing capacities in order to produce knowledge, standard teaching, conducting research programs, and high quality serving in order to answer the needs of society. Taking part in extending political, economic, social, law enforcement, national unity and stability in Afghanistan.


Faculty of law & political science is determined to create higher education system, teaching legal-governmental with high quality in order to meet the needs of our society to increase and develop Afghanistan. The aim is to lead the nation to public welfare, political extension and the rule of law in intention to keep the national values. Possessing high academic standards, administration and having international prestige and position around the globe.


This faculty pursues the aims to provide field of standardized legal-political knowledge to all who have academic qualifications and conditions, providing academic practical capacity for the post-graduation of this faculty. In addition, this faculty efforts for creating the required capacity to present knowledge, standardized teaching, doing research programs, high quality services to meet the needs our society and in extending the political, economic, social, law enforcement, national unity and stability of Afghanistan.

The core values:

  • Believing in and regarding the Islamic values
  • Presenting high quality of legal & political services
  • Improving national unity and political stability
  • Preserving & respecting moralities
  • Justice & equality
  • Teaching & standard research and respecting the other’s achievements
  • Effective & practical administration 

Academic goals:

  • Meeting learning, individuals & organizations requirements via developing of curriculum & standardizing of curriculum
  • Producing knowledge services via extending the culture of academic research, presenting required facilities in the field of investigation programs to teachers & students in order to meet their shortages
  • Promoting the level of bachelor degree to master degree & Ph.D. regarding the needs of accomplishing conditions, society and international standards
  • Increasing the accessibility to justice via an ideal & practical legal-political with high quality and regarding the constitution law of Afghanistan and international law.
  • Providing opportunities of researching and academic to develop legal-political issues
  • Providing an academic environment in which debates, critical questions & exchanging views take place
  • Educating students as open-minded, intellectuals, responsible, critical, having required capacities, having social thoughts having reciprocal respect

Academic contact:

Academic contact in this faculty with other law faculties of Afghanistan exists in intention of cooperation in the fields such as a unity curriculum, legal clinic and promoting academic investigation.

  • Washington University as has been an active supporter of this faculty in the fields of promoting the education level of teachers via dedicating master and Ph.D. scholarships, providing short term language programs & making a standard curriculum with the cooperation of financial and external ministries of America.
  • Washington University is also in contact and support universities such as Istanbul in Turkey, national university of Malaysia, Shahid University in Iran
  • The contract and agreement between Herat Faculty of Law & Political Science and Lion University of France has taken place in 2015.
  • Besides the above mentioned universities, some other creditable, international and national universities of the world have cooperation with this faculty: Maxplang Contrastive Law Institute from Germany, Cultural Section of France Embassy in Afghanistan, UNDP organization, Italy Cooperation Organization, Peace Institute of U.S.A. (USAIP), Open Society Foundation (OSF), and Independence Committee of Human Rights of Afghanistan, Delegation of United Nations and Red Crescent in Herat, Independence Foundation of attorneys, Appeal Court of Herat, Justice Department of Herat and other organization that work in field