The Introduction of Herat University

Afghanistan has faced with political, social, economic, scientific and cultural cataclysmic recently. That has passed its developments and promotion progress toward dynamic, and people of Afghanistan in this context are known as people of science and culture. Besides various organizations, including the scientific and cultural community have exhibited a lot of activities in this area which have worth to be described. Herat University which is as well as a great scientific is located in West Zone of the country, and it is as well as a national University for many years which grabs rapid growth and significant position. The existence of more than sixty students from other provinces in Herat University is the evidence of national scientific body; meanwhile Herat University is introduced as a leading University in the country, which in its five-year development plans and strategy referred to it.

Herat University is established in 1367 as the request of the discerning people of Herat and approval of Ministry of Higher Education of that time. Although Herat from decades ago had its scientific and academic activities in Gowharshad Begom and Fakhrul Madaress, Herat University had been started its teaching and activities from  Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, and later with the establishment of faculties such as Fine Arts, Agriculture, Economy, Religious and Islamic Sciences, Engineering ,Education, Law and political science, Computer science , Journalism and mass communication science and Public policy, Stomatology, Veterinary ,Administration and Social Sciences , also 3 Institutes including agriculture and education of  Badghis, education of Farah and Ghor continue to operate, and has always been proud.

Herat University has 16 faculties and 71 departments has been able to offer thousands of male and female specialists in different fields in society, that will always play a significant role in the scientific and development of the country.

The existence of 430 professors: including 9 people have PHD, 4 people are Professors, 8 people are Associate Professor, 15 people are Assistant Professor, 69 people are Senior Teaching Assistant, 147 people are Teaching Assistant, and 175 people are Pohyalai. 276 people are administrative and service staff, 1 person is general director of University, 2 people are vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Students Office, 1 people is director of hospital, 42 people are in charge of public management, 61 management, 12 departments, 3 officers position, 137 people are service staffs and 14897 students, which is sign of progress and growth of this institution.

Herat University has paid special attention to construction in recent years. Officials have been increasingly getting attention for creating a green and suitable space in Herat University. Planted more than 30,000 saplings of fruitful and fruitless, established Boulevard and green space according to the map and plan also shows the other side of officials’ activities. Create different relations with the world academic institute is the point that globalize Herat University and led it to its scientific destiny. Right now Herat University has great working and relationships with more than 30 scientific institutions and Universities of the world and Herat University’s teachers are obtaining their Master's and PHD degree throw scholarships in that Universities.

In recent years, Herat University could manage and maintained relations of cooperation with a number of foreign Universities such as United States of America, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Slovakia, Iran, India and Indonesia. As a result of this cooperation teaching curriculum in faculties of Computer Science, Science, Engineering, Economics, Agriculture, Medicine, Religious and Islamic and Journalism and mass communication has been partial or totally amended and syllabi and textbooks are prepared as well.

Scientific cooperation with Herat University and implementation of development programs has been done on behalf of donors including the World Bank, USAID and DAAD.

Herat University leadership board always seeks and spent to further excellence in the scientific and cultural efforts, according to regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and existing of five-year strategic plan for the grace of Allah and assist the competent authorities this scientific institution has reached to the scientific peak, that today Herat University based on the effort of this institution has changed from a regional University into a national University. And prevailed this academic institution; compared to other scientific centers proved that this way is a source of valuable services to the Afghan people.

Herat University in 1382 was without independent academic building and was keeping its activities in residential buildings in different places of Herat city, but then by construction of collection of new building of Herat University.

And determined to take possession of land in different areas of Herat city the problem is largely solved and the areas are as follows.

  1. Total area of Herat University is 140 acres of land located in Bagh Dasht, with 27 legal deeds of Enjil court and right now the buildings faculties of Fine Arts, Agriculture, Economy, Religious and Islamic Sciences, Engineering, Law and political science, Journalism and mass communication and Literature and Administrative offices are been used, besides Female dormitory building is completed this year.
  2. Education Faculty of Herat University: is 20 acres of land located in fifth district of municipalities in South West of Bagh Azadi, which includes building for head of the faculty of education, 7 teaching and administrative blocks, green space and ornamental trees, green lawns and playground as well.
  3. Area of medical faculty of Herat University is about 200,000 square meters which is located in northern of Herat city on Khwaja Abdullah Ansari Street. Also a health clinic has been constructed by a charity person, as well as this clinic care to the people of Herat and surrounding districts for medical services. Especially Shelter New office equipped Stomatology section which is activated.
  4. A piece of land with an area of 666 square meters which is located on the East of Sufi-Abad of Herat city is donated by charity person to build the clinic.
  5. Research farm of Agriculture Faculty with an area of 600 acres of land is located in Dasht-e-House of Enjil district has been awarded to Herat University as per presidential decree No. 1371, and providing of facilities and thousands of fruitful and fruitless sapling have been planted over the years Faculty and agriculture students are busy for practical and their experiences activities.
  6. Herat University is located in the northern part of Herat city with an area of 152.89 acres of land which is transferred and rewarded to Herat University as per 6847 official decree of presidential. That, lack of land area in Herat University has made to solve and with the  contribution of USA Force building of female dormitory is built in 1394 on three floors and has been handed over to the University.
  7. Veterinary Clinic of Herat University is located the West side of University.


 Teaching Building.

  1. Teaching building of Engineering Faculty including ( faculties of Engineering and Computer Science).
  2. Faculty of Fine Art’s building including ( faculties of Fine Art and Department of Public Policy).
  3. Faculty of Economy’s building including ( faculties of Economy and Science).
  4. Faculty of Law and Political science’s building including ( faculties of Law and Social Sciences).
  5. Faculty of Agriculture ‘s building including ( faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences).
  6. Faculty of Religious and Islamic science including ( faculties of Religious and Stomatology).
  7. Faculty of Literature and Human Science’s building including ( faculties of Literature and Medicine).
  8. Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication’s building.
  9. Building blocks for teaching faculty of education ( South West of Bagh Azadi).
  10. Female dormitory’s building ( bars and dining in two blocks) inside University Campus.
  11. Female dormitory’s building on North of Heart-Torghondi Street.
  12. Technical Workshop



 Herat University’s purpose of service to the public in Afghanistan is through the following objectives.

  • Production of scientific achievements and development of the knowledge domain.
  • Education through the development and transferring of knowledge.
  • Use of science through exchange of knowledge.


Point of View:

 Herat University as a national and regional universities by increasing the quantity and quality in all areas of society in basic science and applied science leads to the development of Afghan society, that God willing Herat University to excellence that universities will now, Herat University after three  university center of the country has received the highest position in the provinces .




The first goal- production of academic achievement (Discovery).

  •  Comprehension and continuing excellence in the production of scientific achievements.
  •  Create incentives and waves , which increases the effectiveness of teachers in research.

  •  Improving incentives for cooperation and participation in joint research activities.

The second goal- Science education and its sustainability

  •   Approach to tertiary level education through effective programs and excellent value in all academic fields.
  • Increase the number of university professors and their participation in training activities for teachers, students , and other staffs this development programs and services are to enhance their capabilities in teaching.
  •  Providing facilities for training students through the introduction of innovative methods of teaching and incorporate new technologies in education process.
  • Study and self-assessment programs on a regular basis and periodically to assess learning outcomes and student success.
  • Development and implementation of curriculum reform, reform to ensure competitiveness of undergraduate students.
  • The development of educational and learning opportunities for students and increase their participation in training services empirical research and partnership programs between filamentous and lecture employment programs to university level programs and establishment of improving the environment, housing and education programs or work abroad (Internship program).

The third goal - Applied Sciences

  •  Herat University through the application of science to effectively meet the needs of scientific and humane society deals .
  • Create a more coherent and efficient organizational structure for universities to solve key issues of local, national and international community to enhance economic development and improve quality of life.
  • Strengthen scientific relations for the commercialization of research newly established companies to support entrepreneurial activities and cooperation with public and private institutions in the areas of trade, industry and agriculture.
  • Development of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary activities that increase the quality of life.

      For example, to estimate these objectives at Herat University in the development of information and sharing knowledge to improve the academic achievements and encourage more cooperation, meanwhile the following actions have taken place in 1394.

  • 53 seminars, workshop, and exhibition held at the university level publically.
  • 129 Conference at the faculty for academic promotion is presented.
  • 98 research and scientific papers was written .

Strategies and measure of their scale:

        For access to such aim, a number of specific strategies used at Herat University, that this strategies take in four sets as below form.

  • joint strategies to highlight three goals at Herat University.

       Common strategies in a general framework for specific strategies to see each of the objectives and the measures of Herat University in the Compass to achieve the objectives of the plan and execute it in fact , this strategy include financial and human resources , including physical resources and            management.

  • Strengthening education before entering the university through the implementation of activities in schools and high schools with particular emphasis on reading, writing, mathematics, science method And strengthening and non- strengthening programs for the students.
  • Train service is restored and re-training of the workforce with the skills necessary for building a strong economy for the country , ongoing development of teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive program of internal and external relationships to retrieve scientific achievements that improve the university and graduates of science and science education by making use of it.
  • Improve and develop relations with whatever catches their interests through increased enrollment and draw their relations with graduates in master plans.

Physical Sources:

  • Looking for sources provider throw scientific agreement and bilateral development of source provider.
  • Development of physical facilities process for effective service according to exigency.
  • Providing of facilities, which enforcement terms and activities between teachers, Admin staffs, and educators.
  • Expanding libraries, informatics sources and other information technological source for computerizing fundamental in order to be provided a convenient environment for better researches.

Educators’ Services:

The total numbers of Herat University educators are about 14897 people, which includes 8618 are male and 6279 are female.

Number of educators

Number of faculties






Herat University has graduated 16059 educators, since it is established (1349).
In current year (1395) Herat University accepted 4231 people of educators throw Kancor - (University entrance exam).
Numbers of educators in Herat University’s dormitory are as below:

Females educators

Males educators

Total Number




Numbers of educators, who enrolls benefits of livelihood in Herat University:

Females educators

Males educators

Total Number







Herat University as always tried its best to provide the best services for its educators in an academic environment, from them can be.

  • Scientific researches center.
  • Having accommodation centers ( Male and Female dormitories).
  • Having legal clinic, Veterinary sciences, Medicine and Sanitation mouth and teeth for educators ‘ practical.


  • Internet centers and computerized laboratories.
  • English language training center and computerized ELCLC.
  • Agricultural research farm.
  • Computer skills training for females.
  • Public library which has more than 40000 book in variety field and professional libraries in each faculty which has minimum 4000 book.
  • Professional and modern laboratories for each faculty.
  • Cafeteria and service of printing press.
  • Short term seminars and training courses like; Credit bill seminar, method of research and ….
  • Scientific radio – Training voice of youth.
  • Daily programs base to the faculties and other offices.
  • Center of printing press for educators practical assignments.
  • Media operation center – Journalism faculty for expanding communication.
  • Playground for football, volleyball, and practical works of educators.

Protection of the environment and create green space:

Although, the construction process of Herat University is not completed yet, but servants do their best on creating green place as per provided site plans and they have planted various fruitless sapling and different kind of flower which definitely changed the University’s environment into a green and flowery place. Green areas of Herat University are expanded recently and administrative and financial deputy as always tries his best to keep clean and green the environment and make it his priority tasks furthermore, it has done many effective works: Creating Andisha Wa Danish (Ideas and Knowledge) boulevard, orchards, leans and green areas in front of each buildings of Herat University which all those works can be impressive achievements.

Herat University has got 20 vehicles like Toyota (Surf), Korozen , Caster and Toyota (Saracha) that five of those vehicles are sharp behavior which are being use for transportation of honored director of University and his deputies ,director of  Education and Training and Agricultural departments as well, one Caster is being use for transportation females dormitory educators another Caster is being use for transportation of staffs besides all above mentioned the vehicles are under use for carrying stuffs , commodities, officials gusts and other works which are expecting to be carried.

Brief introduction of Herat University.
Established year-1367.

Leadership board:

Directorship of University.

Scientific Assistant.

Assistance for educators.

Assistance of Admin and Finance.


Department Office.

Department of Scientific researches.

Department of Quality Assurance.

Department of Human Resources.

Department of Information and Technology.

Department of Communication and Public awareness.

Department of Teachers and informative bank.

Department of educators.

Department of Procurements.

Department of Finance.

Department of Agricultural farm.

Department of Opacity hospital.

Total numbers of all staffs 276 people including 139 people are Administrative and 137 people are Services.

Number of faculties: 16
Organization: Badghis, Ghor and Farah.

Total number of Teachers: 430 people including 319 male and 111 female.

Number of Departments: 71

Total number of all educators: 14897

Numbers of male daily shift 7771                  Female 5891

Male nightly shift male 843                           Female 388



Male dormitory 432 educators

Female dormitory 214 educators

Numbers of educators, who enrolls benefits of livelihood in dormitory; Male 2599 female: 0


Veterinary sciences clinic, Health clinic, Stomatology clinic, Legal clinic, English language and Computer ELCLC center, Center of law and human rights, job center for educators and Journalism learning center.


Football, Volleyball and Basketball

Faculties of Herat University:

Faculty of Literature of and Human Sciences, established year 1367
Departments:  Dari, Pashto, English, Arabic, German, and Sociology.

Faculty of Fine Arts: established year 1367
Departments: Calligraphy, painting, Miniature and Graphic.

Faculty of Agriculture:  established year 1368
Departments: Agronomy, Plant protection, Gardening, Veterinary, Develop and Promote Agriculture, Geology, Jungles and natural resources, and Food Technology.
Laboratories: Geology, hydrology, Vegetable sciences, Veterinary sciences, and Gardening.

Faculty of Economy: established year 1369
Departments: Enterprise Economy, National Economy, Banking, and Business.

Faculty of Medicine:  established year 1369
Departments: Surgery, Internal, Children, Public health and infectious diseases, histopathology, Anatomy Para clinic and Anatomy.

Faculty of Engineering: established year 1371
Departments: Civil, Architecture, Mechatronic and Urban Engineering.
Laboratories: Soil testing, Asphalt testing and Map drawing.

Faculty of Islamic Sciences: established year 1372
Departments: Jurisprudence and its principles, Commentary, Hadith and Islamic Religion.

Faculty of Law and Political Science:  established year 1381
Departments: Public law, International relation, Private Law, Public Management and Criminal Law.

Faculty of Education and Training: established year Teacher’s Training 1336 and Education 1382
Departments: Chemistry, Biology, Math, Physics, Literature of Dari, English, History, Geography, Vocational Education, and psychologist, Consultation, Physical education and Pashto.
Laboratories: Chemistry, Biology, Math, physics, and Geology.

Faculty of Computer Science: established year 1383
Networking, Database and software Engineering Engineering.

Faculty of Science: established year 1384
Departments: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Food technology.
Laboratories: Organic Chemical, Physics chemical, Biology and Physics.

Faculty of Journalism and Public relation: established year 1390
Departments: Journalism and Common relation.

Faculty of Veterinary Science: established year 1390
Departments: Pre –Clinic, Para clinic, Food Technology, and Clinic.

Faculty of Public policy and Administration: established year 1391
Departments: Public Administration, Development Management, and Public Policy.

Faculty of Stomatology: established year 1392
Departments: Stomatology, Implementation of Children and Interior surgery.

Faculty of Social Science: established year 1393
Departments: Sociology, History, and Geography.


Future plans for the development of Herat University‘s buildings-Teaching, residential and service.

  1. Construction of University’s Auditorium
  2. Construction of Mosque among all University’s buildings.
  3. Construction of University central library’s building.
  4. Completion construction of kindergarten building location new building of University directorship.
  5. Construction of Male dormitory building set among University buildings.
  6. Construction of teaching building of Public policy faculty.
  7. Construction of Center scientific researches building of the University
  8. Construction of professional hospital for Medicine Faculty on specified location (West side of Gazer Gah) Street and a teaching building for Medicine faculty.
  9. Construction of a library for Teaching and Training Faculty in measure of 500 square meters and a large hall for holding workshops and seminars.
  10.  Construction of teaching building for Science faculty.
  11. Construction of teaching building for Veterinarian faculty
  12. Construction of teaching building for Stomatology faculty.
  13. Construction of teaching building for Social science faculty.
  14. Construction of teaching building for Computer Science faculty.