Introduction of Economy Faculty

Faculty of economy on the requirements of our society and according to the developing plan of ministry of higher education based in 1369. The first graduation of students of this faculty was taken place in 1373. Currently, the numbers of students who are under education of this faculty are 687 students. This faculty has twenty two teachers. Of these numbers, seven of them are taking their PH.D from the countries such as Turkey, Japan, Germany, and Islamic Republic of Iran. Presently, this faculty is consisted of three departments: national economy, banking department and enterprise economy. This process of teaching is done by the presence of the other teachers.

Statement of mission:

  • Preparing the required and  expert human resources in the field of economy and management
  • Academic cooperation in implementing of developing plans with governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • Improving both the quality and quantity services of education for applicants by considering the national and international criteria.
  • Presenting academic serving  
  • Teaching and learning
  • Promoting and utilizing from the academic achievements to a large extend both theory and practical aspects.
  • Cooperation and exchange of information to all academic centers of outsides of university.
  • Research and investigation

Perspective of Economy Faculty:

Promotion of economy faculty as a highly developed college among all faculties throughout the country.

The core values:

In order to compile and to determine its goals, economy faculty is based on its criteria requirements and its practical functions has relied on fundamental needs and these criteria and requirements are in fact, its basic plans. The basic needs that are considered and the faculty is determined to follow them.

  • Specialism and meritocracy  
  • Undertaking and responsibility
  • Innovation and creativity in educating researching activities
  • Valuing quality based on all aspects and activities
  • Focusing on cooperation and group work.

Goals and purposes:

The main purposes of this faculty are to cover the four strategic policies of educating, researching, and cooperating with society and management of human resources and they are as the following.

Related purposes to education strategy:

  • Presenting scientific--educating services in high quality for students and other applicants
  • Creating opportunity of learning for individual improving into the faculty
  • Promoting the education level of teachers
  • Providing chances for master degree for graduated students
  • Having the most developed equipment and technology of curriculum

Related purposes to researching strategy:

  • Promoting the competencies of analyzing and investigating
  • Developing academic and researching activities based on each department.

Related purposes to function of faculty in society:

  • Keeping  on developing the social status of faculty
  • Providing the possibilities of active participation of organizations, and expert people in faculty
  • Developing  the academic, investigating, and educating cooperation with authorized centers in the city and country.

Related purposes to management and human resources strategy:

  • Deeping the culture of the rule of law and normative
  • Prevailing and utilizing of an essential observing system
  • Promotion of human resources management with persisting in to attract, and preservation.

Academic relationships:

            In order to be benefited from the academic links programs, the economy faculty  of Herat along with other economy faculties of Afghanistan since 2002 has been in contact with the University of Roar of Germany. The results of these connections have been the twelve Teachers of this faculty who have received their master degree from this university. Currently, of these twelve teachers, five of them are taking their PH.D from Roar University of Germany. Opportunities from this university would be granted for those who have the qualifications. It is worth to mention that faculty of economy with the collaboration of this university could conform its curriculum internationally and it is determined to create the situation for the students. Recently, this faculty has made a contract with USWDP (University Support & Work Developing Program) Office to provide learning programs in order to improve the human sources. Based on this agreement, this faculty would be able to present Master Degree for the students of business administration and also hold a Community College in 2017.